Gysse-Mitore Clan of the Moon

Ancestral hunting grounds – the tundras surrounding the Chillmoon River. (currently displaced)

the Clan reveres both their ancestors and the Goddess Feralla.

Clan Hierarchy

  • Clan Chief – Leads the clan
  • Clan Shaman – advises the chief in spiritual and magical matters, and leads the clan in religions events including holidays, weddings, funerals, and sermons.
  • Warrior Counsel – the five best archers, determined yearly at a tournament, who advise the Chief in any and all matters that effect the clan directly.
  • Clan Elder – the oldest living member of the clan who tells the stories of the clan gives wisdom and counsel to those who need, and who slaps the chief upside the head when he or she is about to do something stupid.

Current population – 15

Clan Chief – Korel Vonisel Gysse-Mitore male age 124

Clan Shaman – Youfgeni Des Neige male age 128

Clan Elder – Sylonna Eilora female age 259

Current warrior counsel

  • Firdeth Erron male age 121
  • Tryria Respar female age 110
  • Ertas Tharail male age 135
  • Baelvin Pyfel male age 98
  • Nyvanna Kethri female age 119

Rest of the Clan

  • Aelisar Zanis male age 94
  • Kanama Thoran female age 56
  • Dhothil Rumthal male age 139
  • Coravelia Veress female age 107
  • Lyali Renoth female age 49
  • Erthar Nadul male age 32
  • Shatria Fisten female age 78

Gysse-Mitore Clan of the Moon

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