Blood and Darkness

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In the world of Evahr, the primary continent of Volarin has enjoyed relative peace for thousands of years. That is until about one hundred years ago when vampires, a race long thought extinct, began popping up with growing frequency. In short order, vampirism spread like a disease until they became the majority. Life in Volarin has changed drastically

Now in the major cities of the land, vampires rule and the living are reduced to slaves, or simply food. The remaining survivors who cling to their mortality are forced into hiding and exile, constantly on the run for fear of being captured for food.

Our characters are survivors of the vampirism pandemic, currently banding together with a small group of refugees, moving around in hiding. The odds are stacked heavily against them. The dream of returning to the way the world used to be seems almost completely out of their grasp, overshadowed by simply trying to survive. How will they fare in such a world?

Read on and see.

Blood And Darkness

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